• Riley Carbone Kern and Laurel Carbone Kern

Start Somewhere

Here we are. End of summer. School is starting. It's a time of transition. If you've been saying to yourself "I need to get that done," there's no time like the present.

Let's schedule some time together if:

  • You have minor children and have made no guardianship arrangements for them

  • You have a spouse, child, or grandchild with a special need

  • You have a blended family

  • You are single

  • You are in a "non-traditional" relationship, such as unmarried partners or a same-sex marriage

  • You do not have a power of attorney for finances and healthcare

  • You do have a power of attorney, but it's five years old or more

  • You have not yet created a will or a trust

  • You have created a will or a trust, but it hasn't been reviewed in the last five years

  • You are concerned about how the cost of long-term care will affect you and your family

  • You are a business owner, a physician, or someone who has concerns about protecting your assets from creditors or lawsuits

  • You want to learn more about effective charitable giving

  • Or if you just have a pulse and don't know where to start

You may not be ready to do everything you need to do all at the same time. You may need time just to talk about issues and options. You don't need to see the whole picture before you get started. You just need to start somewhere.

If you want to know more, we would love to talk with you about it. Best part, the conversation about how it could benefit you doesn't cost anything. Contact us at (918) 770-8940 or to set up a free consultation, either in person, video chat, or phone call. Disclaimer: Reading this blog post does not create an attorney-client relationship, and it is not formal legal advice. This is for information purposes only. Your best bet, always, is to speak with an attorney about your questions, assets, concerns, and needs.

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