Revocable Trusts


Revocable trusts are used to keep your assets out of probate and to protect them for your beneficiaries by keeping the assets out of the reach of creditors and financial predators, such as divorces and lawsuits in Tulsa, OK. 



While a revocable trust is almost always advisable over a will, there are circumstances where a will may be preferable. For clients who only need a will, we help ensure that executors are thoughtfully considered, beneficiaries are adequately named, guardians for minors are identified, and that assets are properly titled or beneficiary designated so that everything is consistent. 

Probate Law


When a loved one's estate requires probate, you need a probate attorney to help you navigate this public, court-controlled process with as little confusion and disruption to your life as possible.

Irrevocable Trusts


Irrevocable trusts are much less common than revocable trusts, but they are an important tool for asset protection. 

They can be used to preserve your home and savings, should you require long-term care and want to avoid spending down most of your assets. They can also be used, along with tools like Family Limited Partnerships, to reduce the size of your taxable estate and reduce, or eliminate, any estate taxes you would otherwise owe.



When it becomes necessary to name a guardian for an incapacitated adult or a minor child, we help make this intimidating, court-controlled process as painless as possible. 

Special Needs Trusts


Special Needs Trusts, or Supplemental Needs Trusts, are important tools when you or one of your beneficiaries has a "special need" - meaning, that you or your beneficiary qualifies, or may qualify, for "means-tested benefits" such as Medicaid, SSI, governmental housing, or vocational rehabilitation. It is especially important when designating a beneficiary to consider any special needs they may have, and to ensure your assets do not disqualify them from receiving their needed benefits. 

Business Planning


Whether or not you already have an estate plan, we help you create or maintain your business in a way that is consistent with your personal planning. Our business services include entity creation, drafting operating agreements and buy-sell agreements, and serving as "general counsel" for small businesses on an as-needed basis. 

Medicaid and Veteran Benefits


Whether planning ahead to protect assets or seeking immediate qualification for benefit programs, we help you navigate the complicated eligibility requirements of government programs so that you can receive assistance without impoverishment. 





Riley and Laurel Carbone Kern started TALLGRASS in Tulsa in March, 2016, as a way to spend more time together and with their children. Since then the firm has grown to include attorneys in Oklahoma and is expanding to the Seattle area of Washington State as TALLGRASS Northwest


Wherever our attorneys are, we will always agree on some pretty basic things:

  • While our job as attorneys is important, it cannot compare to the significance, challenge, and gratification of being committed partners and parents. Basing our operations in our homes allows us to balance these roles in a way that works best for our entire family, as well as for our clients and their loved ones.

  • Conversations about disability, death, money, and family are never easy or comfortable, so it is important that we create inviting, hospitable spaces for these conversations to occur, share information clearly, and create plain-language solutions for our clients.

  • For most people, hiring an attorney is an intimidating prospect. We recognize this, and we know you feel vulnerable in the process. We work hard to be "normal" people who happen to have a helpful set of skills, rather than impress you with our clothes and offices. Those things have nothing to do with solving your problems, anyway.

  • Because legal services are often expensive, we work hard to control costs, use flat fees, and provide flexible payment arrangements.



For every new client, we will give free estate planning services to families in need.


We are partnering with Tulsa-area nonprofit and social service organizations to provide special needs trusts for children with disabilities, wills for those in hospice care, powers of attorney and guardianship documents for parents escaping domestic violence, and a variety of other services.

Whenever you retain TALLGRASS, we will #SHAREtheLOVE with the rest of your community. Let's do some good together!




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