• Riley Carbone Kern

How to Host a Mortality Party. Yes, We're Serious.

The Problem: Talking about death, disability, family, and money is uncomfortable.

Our Solution: Throw a Mortality Party. Seriously.

01/What is a Mortality Party?

A mortality party is a way to talk about planning for disability and death that makes the conversation less intimidating. Here's what happens:

An individual or couple invites a group of people (more about that below) to their home or church or anywhere else that feels comfortable for them and their group. Laurel and I bring food, drinks, and materials, and facilitate a conversation about estate planning, focusing on things like:

  • Answering specific questions raised by your group.

  • How different types of people need different types of planning - young families, individuals, business owners, blended families, foster families, same-sex couples, etc.

  • The difference between a will and a trust.

  • Avoiding probate and guardianship.

  • Controlling the costs of planning.

Along the way, we use real-life examples and a little humor to make the conversation enjoyable and informative, rather than anxious or terrifying.

It doesn't cost anything to host or attend.

AND: There's no sales pitch. Just a relaxed, instructive conversation among friends.

02/Who Typically Hosts a Mortality Party?

Our clients have hosted conversations for small groups of friends, church small groups, coworkers, their own client networks, and family members.

They've hosted Mortality Parties in their own homes, churches and synagogues, coffee shop meeting rooms, workplace conference rooms, and other organizational meeting spaces. If there is ever a cost associated with reserving a space, we pay for it.

03/Why Would You Host One?

Because you care so much about estate planning, OBviously!

Okay, maybe not. But there IS an incentive for you and your guests.

No one who hosts a Mortality Party is under any obligation to use us for their estate planning, BUT everyone who hosts a Mortality Party and DOES use us for their planning receives a 20% reduction in our usual fees.

Similarly, no one who attends a Mortality Party is under any obligation to use us for their estate planning (see above: there's no sales pitch), BUT everyone who attends a Mortality Party and DOES use us for their planning receives discounted services.

04/What if I Want to a Mortality Party?

Send an email to or call (918) 770-8940 to express your interest. We'll find a date and time that works for both of us. We'll give you a few suggestions about how to approach the topic and invite friends. We'll show up with the food and drinks that will work best for your group. A good time will be had by all.

That's really it. Pretty simple.

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