Laurel Carbone Kern


Laurel Carbone is a managing partner of Tallgrass Estate Planning. She is passionate about using her position as an attorney for community service and justice. She believes estate planning is for everyone, and not only for those who are concerned about building generational wealth or planning for tax efficiency. She loves working with families who are planning for special needs, and she thrives when giving a voice to those who are often overlooked in traditional estate planning. As a native of Washington state, she is the catalyst behind Tallgrass Northwest. More than any other attorney at Tallgrass, Laurel has an affinity for handling sensitive or contested trust, estate, and guardianship litigation. As a mother, Laurel is committed to providing rich experiences for her children and modeling service and self-reliance. She is flower gardener, a runner, and a DIY-project lover, and she is preparing for a rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike.

Riley Kern is a husband, daddy, idealist, and attorney, in that order. He is the founder and owner of Tallgrass Estate Planning where he is a managing partner with his wife, Laurel Carbone. Their home-based law firm allows Riley and Laurel to blend life and work seamlessly, spending their time and energy on each other, their children, and their clients as organically as possible. Riley is frequently invited to speak on trust planning, special needs planning, and elder law matters, and he has served as the chair of the Estate Planning section of the Tulsa County Bar Association. Riley serves on several Tulsa-area non-profit boards of directors. He is an amateur musician, a hack woodworker, an inconsistent hiker, and a book lover.

Riley Carbone Kern


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