• Riley Carbone Kern

Retirement Trusts after the SECURE Act

Tallgrass Estate Planning Attorney Riley Kern gave a continuing education presentation to the Oklahoma Bar Association's Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Section on May 7. While the presentation was no intended for an audience of non-lawyers, we recognize that there are other attorneys who visit our site and might benefit this information, and there are many non-lawyers who want to learn more than just the basics about the law.

If you are looking for information about Stand-Alone Retirement Trusts, especially after the passage of the SECURE Act, we hope you find this presentation helpful.

Here's the stuff we always put at the end: If you want to know more, we would love to talk with you. Best part, the conversation about how it could benefit you doesn't cost anything. Call us at (918) 770-8940, send an email to, or click HERE to schedule a free consultation with a Tallgrass attorney.

Disclaimer: Reading this blog post does not create an attorney-client relationship, and it is not formal legal advice. This is for information purposes only. It is always best to speak with an attorney about your questions, assets, concerns, and needs.

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