• Riley Carbone Kern and Laurel Carbone Kern

Hello. We're Tallgrass. Nice to meet you.

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a team of attorneys who imagine a different way to work and help clients. We are a work in progress, just like you and your family. And here are a few things that drive how we work and where we're headed.


Understanding matters.

There is A LOT of information out there about the law regarding death, disability, family issues, asset protection, probate, disability, Medicaid, and on and on and on, but - let's be honest - most of the info is presented in ways that seem to be intentionally convoluted and cryptic. The topics themselves are difficult enough, so the information should be all the more approachable if it's going to be of any use to people.

When we speak to groups or post articles on our site, our hope is that we're removing some of the mystery and giving people the confidence to take charge of their planning.


Compassion and place matter.

The topics of death, disability, family, and money are not easy to talk about. And (as stated above), if you've overcome that obstacle and tried to learn more anyway, we lawyers typically aren't all that helpful at making the issues understandable. At Tallgrass, we have tried to address these issues by considering where and how we have these conversations.

We don't have a typical office. There are no receptionists, marble columns, paid parking, suits, or rooms full of metal filing cabinets. Nothing is wrong with those things. But we feel they can sometimes put distance between us and you.

Instead, we invite you into our modest homes. There's a fresh pot of coffee. We sit next to each other over something fresh-baked from our own oven. Or maybe in front of the fireplace. Your children or grandchildren are welcome to come with you to play in the next room or on the playground outside. Or, when necessary, we come to your home because life is busy or you may have mobility issues.

The point is this: our environment helps us relax a bit and talk openly about difficult issues. Nothing about this process should feel intimidating. Instead, it should feel warm, empathetic, and welcoming.


Everyone matters.

Everyone needs planning, and there is a plan for everyone. Rich and poor. Young and old. Men and women. Black and white. Gay and straight. Able-bodied and uniquely-abled. Everyone means everyone.

We want to work with both partners in the relationship. We want to work with all of our neighbors, regardless of ethnicity or religion. We want to work with all types of families. The education and hospitality we practice are for everyone.

Everyone is welcome.

That's a little bit about what matters to us. We would love to get to know YOU better and learn what matters to you and your family. You are welcome here.


If you want to know more, we would love to talk with you about it. Best part, the conversation about how it could benefit you doesn't cost anything. Contact us at (918) 770-8940 or to set up a free consultation, either in person, video chat, or phone call. Disclaimer: Reading this blog post does not create an attorney-client relationship, and it is not formal legal advice. This is for information purposes only. Your best bet, always, is to speak with an attorney about your questions, assets, concerns, and needs.

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